ultransonic pulser-receiver

Ultrasonic pulser-receiver is a complete instrument well designed for ultrasound imaging and general purpose ultrasound testing such as NDT (Nondestructive Testing) application or flaw detection and thickness measurement. 

The product can be used with high frequency ultrasonic transducer to create ultrasound wave detecting sample and connecting with digitizer 

for signal processing of ultrasound echo signal.

Optional Channels (1 to 4)

300 Receiver Bandtidth
Variable Gain Amplifier (31㏈ Range, 1㏈ Step)
Available Two mode selection : Echo and Thtough Mode
PC compatible control and USB connection
Portable, light-weight ans small size
TEchnical specifications
Maximum Bandwidth300㎒ (-3㏈)
Voltage Gain9㏈ to 40㏈
Phase0˚(non inverting)
Low Noise Figure4.5㏈ Max
Input Impedance50 Ω
Output Impedance
50 Ω
DC Power12V, +/-5V
Input / Output

External Trigger In, Sync Out, RF Out, 

T/R and Thru:All SMA Connectors

Power Requirements1A 15VDC
Dimensions (W×L×H)?㎜×㎜×㎜
Pulse TypePositive Impulse
Pulse Duration7㎱
Available Pulse Voltage (No load)100V
ModePulse-Echo / Thru-Transmission
Pulse Repetition Rate InternalSelectable :0.1㎑ - 50㎑
Pulse Repetition Rate External50㎑ Max
Synch Output Pulse5V TTL Compatible
External Trriger InputRising Edge-Triggered. 5V TTL Compatible

General purpose ultrasound testing such as NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) applications:

▶ Flow and thickness measurement

▶ Flaw detection

▶ Ultrasound imaging

Echi Single (Pulse wave)Coin Scanning ImageFast Scanning Image
OLED Inner Layer Image

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Table and portable type.
High output power: 

~72W (table) and ~9W (portable)

High acoustic intensity:

~14000 W/㎠(table) and 

~1300 W/㎠(portable)

High temperature on tissue lesion:


Long focal point.
Table Type
Portable Type
Center Frequency
1.99999㎒ (-0.0005%)
2.00001 ㎒ (+0.0005)
Supply Voltage
+/- 15V
+/- 7.4V, +/- 14.8V
Output Power
71.886 W
8.705 W
Focus Area
0.4375 ㎟
0.5625 ㎟
Acoustic Intensity
14245.75 W/㎠
1341.731 W/㎠
Focal Length
64.6 ㎜
28.4 ㎜
Maximum Temperature
31.22 ℃
60.24 ℃
0.003601 VRMS
0.001381 VRMS
Peak Negative Pressure
0.680184 ㎫
0.255326 ㎫
Pulse Average
13.7922 W/㎠
2.02551 W/㎠
Peak Pressure
0.680184 ㎫
0.258066 ㎫
Positive Peak Voltage
0.037535 V
0.014452 V
Bandwidth 3㏈
0.02923 ㎒
0.029216 ㎒
Pulse Duration
19.9886 ㎲
20.0105 ㎲

- Non-invasive surgical applications: prostate cancer, brain tumor and other diseases.

- Blood coagulation, drug delivery platforms and targeted chemotherapy.